The Battle Of Spitaloo

The Newcastle Song Book or Songs of the Tyne (1842)

On the thirtieth day of July
The Chartists did combine,
That they would hold a meeting
At Newcastle upon Tyne;
In spite of Mayor or Magistrates,
They would come up to a man,
But when the Police them attack'd,
They took to their heels and ran.

At the battle of Spitaloo, my boys,
At the battle of Spitaloo—
The Chartists' colours were taken
At the battle of Spitaloo.

They mairch'd in full procession,
Through most streets of the town,
And they declar'd the Magistrates
Should never put them down;
But of all their boasted courage
About what they would do,
The Police took their colours
At the battle of Spitaloo.

With music, flags, and banners,
And all their empty pride,
The procession of the Chartists
Was soon put to a side;
The worthy Mayor and Magistrates
Did let the Chartists know
That they were masters of the town,
At the battle of Spitaloo.

The Chartists, to the Forth that night,
Turn'd very boldly out,—
But soon they were dispersed,
And all put to the rout:
They laid the failure of their cause
Upon the red and blue,
Because they came against them
At the battle of Spitaloo.

The Chartists and their leaders
Are no more allow'd to meet,
Their threat'ning combinations
Have got the grand defeat,—
The National Convention
Has got the overthrow,
And the Chartists' colours taken
At the battle of Spitaloo.