Death or Liberty – Australian Film

MY NAME IS WILLIAM CUFFAY from Roar Film on Vimeo. © Billy Bragg 2015

                                             My Name is William Cuffay 
                                             At trade I am a Taylor
                                             I've been called a Yellow Jacket
                                            A Chartist and a Traitor

                                            But I have no shame 
                                            No convict's stain
                                            Has left its mark on me
                                            For I am that rarest of all birds
                                            An English Revolutionary

                                            For he is that rarest of all birds
                                            An English Revolutionary

                                            It is the British Empire's boast
                                            That slavery's done away
                                            They should come down 
                                            To Van Diemens Land
                                            Where the poor work for no pay


Owen McDonnell
as Philip Cunningham

Sean O'Meallaigh
as Michael Dwyer

Llion Williams
as Zephaniah Williams

Russell Fletcher
as John Frost

Zachary Lennon
as Linus Miller

Lochlann O'Mearain
as William Smith O'Brien

Kelton Pell
as William Cuffay

Michael Abercromby
as John Flood

Billy Bragg
Known as a powerful song-writing troubadour in the true folk-protest tradition, Bragg talks and sings from the heart. In a musical career that has lasted more than three decades, Bragg is renowned for his passion, wordplay and irreverence.

Mick Thomas
Mick Thomas was the front man for legendary Australian band, Weddings Parties Anything. He has toured Australia with performers like U2, B. B. King, Bob Geldorf, Steve Earl, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Michelle Shocked, Midnight Oil and Billy Bragg.

Lisa O'Neill
O'Neill first found her musical legs supporting David Gray in the USA. With the endorsement of folk-singing legend Peggy Seeger, O'Neill soon found herself touring with many other famous artists. She has a voice that might sit easily on a Carter Family recording. It's a tender and expressive instrument, but possesses a Midlands Irish flintiness.

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