Shortlisted for Premier's Multimedia History Prize: 2012

30 November 2012

Isle of Denial: William Cuffay in Van Diemen's Land
Maree Delofski, Nick Franklin, Mark Gregory and Timothy Nicastri (Hindsight/ABC Radio National)

The program was one of three shortlisted for the NSW Premier's Multimedia History Prize 2012

The winner of the prize was: TIT FOR TAT: THE STORY OF SANDRA WILLSON
a Hindsight Documentary by Catherine Freyne & Phillip Ulman.


Isle of Denial: William Cuffay in Van Diemen's Land is a radio documentary that explores the long-neglected legacy of the chartist William Cuffay. A black political prisoner transported to Tasmania in the mid-nineteenth century, Cuffay had an important, but now forgotten, impact on the burgeoning Australian trade union movement. Cuffay’s story is a colourful strand in our convict past, and one that links Van Diemen’s Land history firmly with the wider world.

This engaging and thoroughly enjoyable documentary takes the listener on a journey. It shares an infectious fascination for the fragmentary nature of the past which is delivered through a narrative spine that searches for Cuffay’s pauper’s grave. Isle of Denial: William Cuffay in Van Diemen's Land draws the listener into the adventure of historical research, with Cuffay’s own voice assisting those in search of his elusive past. It shows that Australia’s past still holds many fascinating stories just waiting to be found and told.

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