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Martin Hoyles will speak on his new biography of William Cuffay
Room G34 South Block Institute of Historical Research,
Senate House, Malet St WC1: 5.30pm - Monday 18 February, 2013

Hidden by Red Saunders - Peoples History Museum 9 March 2013 — 29 September 2013

Hidden by Red Saunders: An Impressions Gallery touring exhibition, 9 March – 29 September 2013. Hidden celebrates ordinary working men and women, dissenters, revolutionaries, radicals and non-conformists and their contribution to the struggle for democracy and equality in Britain.

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William Cuffay portrait: National Portrait Gallery
[Drawn in Newgate Gaol 1848 'by his fellow sufferer' William Dowling]

Books that mention William Cuffay

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New William Cuffay Biography

William Cuffay: The Life and Times of a Chartist Leader, Martin Hoyles, 2012

Keith Flett: Review of Martin Hoyles' biography, 2012

Sean Creighton: Review of Hoyles' biography, 2013

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